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    Easy & Comfortable

    Schedule activities, classes, courses and sessions using drag and drop. Do not worry about conflicts and clashes - the program will tell you when all the resources are free. Assign colors to resources to easily distinguish between their scheduled activities. Quickly import data from any existing database in a variety of customizable formats. Undo any action if you need to.

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    Flexible & Powerful

    Schedule at precise times (e.g. 8:00 - 8:37) or on periods (e.g. Period 1 - Period 2). Create different time scales for different resources and/or for different days. Schedule on exact calendar dates or use a generic repeating week (or multiple weeks). Make daily changes to the planned schedule and track statistics with versatile reports. Customize the software's vocabulary to use your institution's naming convention.

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    Modern & Intuitive

    Beautiful user interface and a logically organized workspace allow you to enjoy the scheduling process. Web-like "Tabs" allow you to navigate between the different screens and open multiple split schedules. What you see inside each cell is completely configurable: resource details, formatting, fonts, sizes, colors and more. You can export the schedule to a web site and allow everyone to view their schedules online.

Top Features


The software has a wealth of features which cover every aspect of scheduling need that you may have. The knowledge of these features will help you get the maximum out of the program. Read More >>



High schools, middle schools and elementary schools are perfectly supported. Schedule classes, groups or individual students. Create repeating weekly schedules, block schedules or multi week schedules. Read More >>

Colleges and Universities


Schedule students, instructors, rooms, equipment and classes.
Avoid room conflicts, consider the chosen subjects of students and instructor availability. Generate a variety of printouts and reports. Read More >>

Interactive Scheduling of Activities

An Activity is a combination of resources. For example, in a school, an activity may unite a subject, group, teacher and a classroom (remember that the software is completely generic so you can have different types of resources with different names suitable for your institution). The Activities list is at the right side of the workspace and contains rows like this:


When an Activity is scheduled, all the resources which it combines are scheduled together at the same time. So the process of scheduling is the process of assigning activities to days and times (or periods). An Activity can be scheduled multiple times and on different days and weeks.

Interactive Scheduling means that eventually it's up to you to decide when to schedule each activity. But, the program helps you significantly by providing important information to ease your work. For example, when you start dragging an activity into the schedule, the program shows you when it can be scheduled without causing a conflict. It highlights the free cells with a green stripe. Blocked out cells (in which one of the resources in an activity is unavailable) are highlighted in red. cell conflicts

If you try to schedule an activity when one of its resources is conflicted, the program will warn you and explain the conflicting resources in detail. Read More >>

The program is suitable for many types of institutions and for a wide range of scheduling scenarios. The terms used to refer to the different resource types such as classes, rooms, staff etc. are generic throughout the website and the user's guide and are summed up here.

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