All-In-1 Scheduling!


The Scheduling Studio is a multi-purpose scheduling tool suitable for any kind of institution. It allows you to define resources such as groups, supervisors (instructors), participants (students), rooms, equipment, themes and activities. These activities can then be flexibly scheduled across days, weeks, months or years. The program assists you by presenting helpful information regarding the availability of resources, by monitoring conflicts and by tracking participants' personal schedules. Read More >>

Comfortable Environment

Combinations Engine

The scheduling workspace of the software is unparalleled due to task oriented panes, drag and drop functions, unified environment for database and scheduling, no popup windows and a ton of features. Read More >>

Conflict Resolution


Clashes between resources is the number one reason for the headache of scheduling. The program takes this burden significantly off your shoulders by helping you track, prevent and resolve such conflicts. Read More >>

Printing and Reporting


A variety of on-screen reports, printouts and export features allow you to extract important data from your schedule and make sure that everyone receives it in a clear and informative format. Read More >>

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