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You are downloading the full client side version of the program. This is the same version that subscriber users work with.

When you are working with it offline (not connected to Lantiv's server), you cannot save the file you are working with and you cannot import data into it. These two features are enabled only when connected to a server. The program is not limited in any other way so you can explore all its features and capabilities.

  • File Name: LantivSchedulingStudio.msi (Microsoft Windows Installer)
  • File Size: 7 MB

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Language Selection

When the program is lauched, a splash screen is shown. At the bottom right corner of it you can select the language of the program's user interface. To choose a different language, click on English and select the language in the popup list.

Style Selection

The style determines the colors of the visual elements of the program. You can select the style using the Settings button at the top right corner of the program's main window. A popup menu will be shown in which you can select a style by clicking on it. You will have to restart the program for the style to be applied.

Sample Files

The program contains several sample files which you can open and work with.

There is one sample file for each type of institution. The sample files are shown at the left side of the main window.

You can open a file by clicking on it. Afterwards, the scheduling workspace will be shown with all the resources and schedules of that file.

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